Have you ever been asked why the hell do you ride dangerous motorcycles?

There’s no turning back, once you’re a biker, you’re a biker. However; society will always think you can be cured.

You cannot blame mama for trying to protect you. She loves you so much she’s got all the right to tell you whatever she wants. Further than that, do others have the right to criticize?

What people don’t understand is that life is dangerous by definition. Death is always the final stop even if you keep yourself protected at home. We are going to die one way or another.

And if that’s the case, why don’t you have fun in the way? I don’t think motorcycles are dangerous, they can be lethal if something goes wrong, but they’re not dangerous. They’re the definition of life itself.

They are fast, the ride feels long on the way, the wind sometimes helps most times slows you down, and there’s always a risk of suddenly disappearing forever. Riding is like living a plentiful life.

Bikers are not too concerned about passing away. You know how many funerals we’ve attended so far, and the day we stop going, it’ll be ours. But as not riding doesn’t mean living forever, who cares?