Become an Ambassador

What is a MotoBoar ambassador?

A MotoBoar ambassador is any supporter of the brand willing to get some extra cash by helping us promoting our stuff.

So an ambassador is essentially someone who gets paid by riding motorcycles with our products… how does that sound?


How can I sell?

You don’t have to sell anything at all, you only have to direct traffic to our website by promoting our goods through social media , your own web or talking face to face to your friends.

When your contacts purchase anything from us redirected from your own link, in the shared back office we will both see that purchase and you will receive your income. You are always in control.

If you want to promote our products face to face we will provide you some personal discount codes to give to your clients. By using those codes we will know that we got that purchase thanks to you and therefore you can get your commission.

Clients don’t have any possible way to know you are getting any fees unless you tell them, so it’s up to you.

Which products can I promote?

As an ambassador you can promote any of our products listed on the web.

We will provide you a link and all assistance needed so you can take control of your sales.

As sales grow so will your apparel, and we will be giving you further products.

How many types of ambassadors are there?

There are three types of ambassadors according to sales and brand promotion.

MotoBoar Prospect

This is the entry level, once you have been approved you will get our unique t-shirt for ambassadors delivered to your home and some stickers totally free of cost.

You get the same commission wage as a Member Ambassador, but you won’t have protective apparel provided by us. You can become full patch member by proving regular sales or if you make a big deal and sell a lot of stuff.

Once your application is approved you will receive the prospect package, which is an exclusive t-shirt and some stickers so you can start sales, as well as the exact information about becoming a full patch member.

MotoBoar Full Patch Member

Once you get full patch you will be given protective apparel totally for free! You will wear our Hoo+Dies and Protective Denims so that you can check yourself the immense pleasure to ride MotoBoar comfortable clothing while being fully protected. We believe your satisfaction face will be the best to get us new clients.

MotoBoar Badass

If you are a total badass rider you will also be a badass ambassador. This will be a very exclusive and selected group of riders who will get the biggest commissions and be invited and sponsored to our main events.

MotoBoar Badass riders only wear our range of products which we’ll provide them and they will represent the brand in major events.

Badass riders also get a say in some aspects of the brand like which products or designs to work for future collections or how to make events.

A Badass rider will also be asked to wear MotoBoar prototypes to check quality, endurance and test whether they meet the brand standards.

As a Badass Rider you will be even entitled to make your own selling stall in motorcycle events, competitions and rallies

How to apply

If you are interested please let us know by applying through this email address: and tell us why you want to be a member, your impressions on MotoBoar brand and products, and how we can work together.

Once your application is approved you will receive the prospect package, which is an exclusive t-shirt and some stickers so you can start promotion.

As soon as our cooperation gets more intense you will be informed about all important news and new collections. We may also ask you for some help like trying out new product lines, or your opinion on the direction the brand should take.

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