MBR Racing Team

We are taking small steps with great riders that will bring us to the podiums worldwide sooner than later…

Motorcycle races started as soon as the second motorcycle ever in history was built. Racing is in any rider’s soul

MotoBoar Racing Team is the part of the brand which helps professional riders to develop their careers

JM69 is our official rider for the Andalusian Motocross Championship 2018

He truly represents all the brands aspects, he’s small, young and inexperienced, but he has the biggest heart and passion about motorcycles.

Keep tuned to our official Instagram Account and Facebook page to get the latest updates on the championship.

Get a step forward in your career

If there’s something a professional rider needs is money… we can help you with that

MotoBoar Racing Team cannot actively support all riders out there, but we can help you to support your own career by giving you the apparel you need

We provide merchandise for riders of any age, level and competition around the world. Please contact us and get the full information.

We can help you design your logo, we can help you design your t-shirts, hoodies, caps etc. and we will deliver it anywhere you are in this world so you can sell it yourself and support yourself financially.

Contact us on info@motoboar.com

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