MotoBoar has one only reason to exist, to show the world everything is possible

During sleepless nights I felt there was something I had to achieve. With a never-ending ambition to live life to the full I knew once I became the perfect gentleman that was not who I truly was

The process was hard, working as a teacher, making as much as I could to get my career forward and not spending enough time on my motorcycle’s saddle I wasn’t really happy.

A book advised to get to the forest at night and alone in order to learn how to get out of our comfort zone, and there I found my own thoughts in the still of the night.

One winter’s night there was a storm that got me next to a river, and I got into a well known cave for me. Getting in at night was more challenging that I thought, but once inside and sheltered I felt an enormous peace.

When the rain stopped I headed back home, but got a bit lost in the pitch darkness by the river, where all the big trees and canes laid their shade to make the night even darker.

A thunder of lightning nearly made my heart stop. The thunder was so loud, it stroke so near I could have easily been killed. But for some reason, I wasn’t.

I recovered in only a few seconds and I lingered no more. A few steps away an immense beast was getting something to eat as unaware of myself as I was of such magnificent creature.

A huge wild boar screamed as loud as the thunder as it fled through the forest getting canes and bushes down with Incredible ease. As if motor-driven

And as soon as I recovered and started walking, on the right path, an idea came to my mind… A motor driven boar… A motor driven boar!!!

Oh my goodness! I had found what I was looking for, MotoBoar was finally born!!!

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