MotoBoar philosophy 

Take the turn your heart tells you

A flame started to burn for the motorcycles.

Paco and his two-wheeled passion were born at the same time. Carrying the courage of his father, he inherited his most precious life philosophy as a rider.

The love for motors, adrenaline and free spirit has been transmitted from father to son in his family.

Staying close to “moto loving people” made him learn skills in no time.

The story started with his grandfather when, after the civil war, he became a big fan of adventures and fell in love with traveling. His best friend, the police chief, and himself started a special connection with the motorcycle culture by being one of the first riders in Andalusia, that kept sharing the pleasure and beauty of riding on different routes until a day when adrenaline and speed carried the police chief on his last road of life, giving birth to a cycle where best friends were dying because of the lack of safety.

In Paco’s case, the first ride was in early childhood , on a blue Peugeot moped that had pedals to help the tiny engine.

But he wanted more than riding a few meters and was tired of pushing it every time the bike stopped. So, when he was eight years old, he stole his father’s motorcycle and took it for a ride as a real motorcyclist, fearless, as he have been until then.

Then, his mother’s care, made him think about the dangers and risks that come with this pleasure and his father told him a story about how he lost a friend this way.

But Paco never stopped and didn’t give up on his moto and his passion became a lifestyle, a philosophy. He wished to get out of the repeating cycle of tragedies and created “MotoBoar”.

Every day, the route home was becoming longer, he couldn’t be separated from his moto. He was waking up in the night, thinking to take a ride with the moto. The wheels were always spinning in his head, day and night. On his own words:

Nothing can be compared with the sensation of riding on this earth, my perspective always changes 

He feels free when the roads and the rest of his life unite in equilibrium. 

His biggest dream is to spread the “MotoBoar” philosophy and inspire everyone to “take the turn your heart tells you”. 

His Triumph motorcycle is a symbol of his mission and, as his grandfather, will always be in eternal love with powerful memories, horsepower, adrenaline and sharing roads with good friends.

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