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Lucky Bandana

I am no supersticious… are you?

When I was a child I dreamt of motorcycles. When I grew up, I could ride them. But I wasn’t a full grown-up when I also crashed them.

I clearly remember my first crash. It was a humbling experience really. Nothing really bad happened, just bruises and scratches, but I decided to drift the front wheel… yeah I know.

So once you’ve crashed for the first time until the very last of your riding days, you will fear the pain of getting your body crashing into the ground.

That’s why we wear protective clothing. But I want to remark something else. Not as obvious as anti impact panels on your shoulders. How about superstition?

Whether you believe or not in the hidden powers of nature, I find curious how most riders rely on some small rituals before, during or after the ride.

And that’s when the Lucky Bandanas arrived. Many riders wear them on every ride, so why not adding some magic to them?

Valentino Rossi instructs his tailor not to drop his leathers on the floor at any moment while making them. Angel Nieto would refer to 12+1 instead of naming an unlucky number and many of us have a talisman on our bikes as we think it will protect us.

So in order to raise our spirit, the Old Skull Lucky Bandana is proudly worn by those who wish to look up the dangerous paths with some little assistance in their hearts.

See you on the road!

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