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A Letter to the Fallen Bikers

You’ve lost some people. That’s the way life works. If you haven’t, just wait.

Just like any corner you ride through, you leave things behind. Memories that are not real anymore. We now ride other part of the same road. Friendship, on the other had, goes on. A lit candle to the Fallen.

It is hard to remember adventure days that won’t come back ever again. If only we could share one more ride!

You should be happy to know that I am doing my best to keep the flame alive. You’ll be alive and standing by our sides as long as we keep going. One day other riders we now inspire will pay tribute to us too.

We still drink for your memory. You are still one of us. We are the same. You are still in our conversations and your achievements and contributions well taken into account.

We are one. We are together in this trip.

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