5K-Miles, English

Vintage II (English)

Follow the Route! The second part of the Vintage Route was possibly even more amazing than the first. After several days away from home, one forgets about everything and just enjoys.

It’s as if, in the beginning, you’re still tied to everything you left behind—work, family, obligations…

But when total disconnection arrives, you hit the accelerator with more enthusiasm and carry the necessary attitude.

Since everything was improvised, the route wasn’t exactly what Google Maps told me, although, in broad strokes, it’s what you have below. Of course, there is no off-road.

Entering and exiting Portugal, through very lonely roads and enjoying sensations as rarely experienced. Getting lost was mandatory. Intentionally getting lost. Using the map as a reference, not as a script that you can’t deviate from. Because rules are meant to be broken.

The SlumberJack shirt from MotoBoar in off-road action. I visited Dómenes, Roman temples, cathedrals, pigsties, cereal fields… that’s how the world is. Contrasts.

As almost always, I traveled alone, with little luggage in my backpack and a lot of enthusiasm. Taking the opportunity to push MotoBoar clothing to the limit.

And you, do you dare?»