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You look forward. You study the apex. You stop thinking. You rev it up. You cut gas. You lean. You corner. You rev it up again and get to the next corner. That’s riding!

That’s the most you can get under control, the rest belongs to fate. Everything affects you, from weather to road conditions. You are a computer analysing the data. A mind reading the road.

You never know what’s to come. You never know how you’ll react. You’ll just do your best… and hope that’s enough

So it seems this MotoBoar venture is for me. I kind of imagine myself riding a winding road uphill, a foggy forest surrounding me and strong wind gales hitting me hard. The rain never stops and I cannot be more uncomfortable. That’s how we live life, surviving.

And from time to time is always good to meet a good old friend. From now on there will be some changes in MotoBoar, just a friend giving us his perspective. After a long time cooperating, and after an even longer time without knowing anything from one another, here he is.

The great Zombie Khrist is joining us to basically be the narrator of many stories to come. For those of you who don’t know him… well he’s just the son of God…

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