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Life’s a Bitch

Betrayal, lies, shit…

The rubbish we have to take in this life is a bit more than what we’d consider bearable. It’s like shit never stops coming and here we are waiting for a solution that never comes.

And there are two possibilities, you let it affect you or not. It’s not just your choice, it is the circumstances also. That is the expression of the pissed off biker, riding angrily through a world that let him down.

No wonder some bikers gathered in gangs and terrorised the whole world on their noisy bikes. They were angry. Totally pissed off when their governments, countries, families, friends and everybody else let them down.

Just like any other champion, you feel the pain. You get hit, you tumble, you are in pain… but you stand. You put on your helmet once again, and after a deep breath you become who you are once again. A rider.

And in endless nights of solitude, you only need a drink to get by. Life’s a bitch, you’re a badass ready to fight. No rules other than staying true to yourself.

Angry you are, angry you will stand. Let nothing stops you.

Old Skull Rider

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