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Motorcycle Manifesto

Riding motorcycles is a way of life, not a pass time. Therefore there are several things people might need to know

  1. Bikers are not criminals by definition. Some of us are, for sure, the same way some of any demographic group might be whatever you can think of
  2. We do care about our lives. We are not daredevils, we enjoy the thrill of speed and the adrenaline, but we are not trying to kill ourselves. Besides, it’s all the opposite, we’re trying to live life to the fullest
  3. Motorcycles are not dangerous. There’s this misperception that riding a bike is one of the most dangerous activities in the world. Well, it’s not true. Motorcycles can be lethal as accidents can be fatal, but a motorcycle is a very safe vehicle if ridden properly. Most crashes are easier to avoid riding than driving
  4. We are not always misfits. Bikers would refer to each other as the guy with the Harley or the girl with the Honda, but many of us are psychologists, engineers, waiters or whatever… As buying a motorcycle involves a good amount of money it is not probably how you thought it was
  5. Motorcycle riders are not normally lonely people. We have families, friends and careers. You only have to see how  many bikers gather in certain places. The lone wolf you’ve seen in the movies might only work sometimes, but it doesn’t define us
  6. We do not wear leather or protective because we want to impress nor we’re fighting zombies in the Reckoning. We simply like to protect our skin, flesh and bones from a crash or a slide
  7. The type of motorcycle we ride does not define who we really are. If I am riding a sportbike or a cruiser it doesn’t mean I am one way or another. Not everyone who rides an ADV bike gets off road and not everyone with a Harley belongs to an MC. Get to know the individual first
  8. Motorcycle riders are not trying to mock cars, we are only trying to cope with the traffic as good as we possibly can using our more agile vehicles probably lane splitting, but we’re doing it because it is safer than staying behind a car where you could probably locate yourself in a blind spot and get hit
  9. Some bikers like ball games, but overall we truly believe you only need one ball to play football. You need two balls to ride a motorcycle
  10. Bikers are cool because riding a motorcycle is the most humbling, free and full experience one can have wearing clothes

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