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Ready to Trip?

Starting a road trip on a motorcycle is like getting in bed with someone you truly fancy for the first time… is this going to be good enough?

Before riding, comes the route. Do you plan it? I don’t do it much, I set a destination and figure out the way while on the road. More fun. Maybe, you are the type of guy who organizes each and every stop beforehand.

Both options are right. The nice thing is dreaming about what you are going to find and how you’d feel.

Luggage. Take lost of stuff you won’t need and forget the basic necessities at home

It is impossible to know what you’ll really need on a motorcycle trip, and you probably are over weighing the luggage with things you will bring back untouched. That’s a fact!

So the rule of thumb is, make mistakes while travelling and get used to find solutions when you don’t have enough equipment with you. You can find objects that might kind of do the job and get by.

New balance on the motorcycle

A fully loaded motorcycle changes the weight distribution and the way we ride it. You have to get used to that. Don’t start cornering like a maniac until you get used to the new situation and you are totally sure the cargo is well secured and won’t move.

Having said all that…

You’ll have news from me. I’m leaving with the motorcycle somewhere, somehow… just making mistakes, you know

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