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Trip Preparation

Do you freak out when preparing your motorcycle trip luggage?

Travelling on a motorcycle has one little handicap, you cannot carry much luggage on it! Not even if you have a huge adventure bike with the full equipment for the long-haul.

After years of experience carrying stuff I didn’t really need while I left at home the most common necessities while travelling. A rule of thumb is to take toilet paper with you at all times… Check the list below to help you!

  • Take everything you need
  • Don’t take anything you don’t need
  • Take a tiny portion of the things you may need

There are some articles which are simply unavoidable. A helmet, a pair of gloves, a motorcycle… You have to carry them one way or another, and they can depend on the type of trip you’re taking, whether you’re camping or not, eating out etc.

The second part it is by far the hardest. Taking what you are not going to need will only slow you down and discomfort you. No need to say you can lose some objects you really need by taking them out on a motorcycle.

Another drawback of taking too many things is every time you have to put the luggage on and off the bike for sleeping or because you actually need those things. Try to make your life as easy as possible.

You basically need to be experienced in order to achieve this, but it is also a bit of common sense. We tend to think we’re going to need lots of stuff, but reality is you don’t. Try to take the basics only!

I’ve been travelling on motorbikes for the last 20 years, and I still haven’t totally mastered this, and everytime I’m getting ready for a new trip it’s like I need a trailer to carry my stuff.

But once on the road, I promise I mostly use the same things again and again, and there’s always something I shouldn’t have taken…s

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