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5 tips: How to Handle Wind on a Motorcycle

Under the rain, cold weather or boiling heat… nothing can harass you more on a motorcycle than strong wind

I have developed a certain skill on doing that, not in vain I learnt to ride near the roads of Cadiz, a place where you can get some of the strongest winds in Europe.

These are my 5 tips when riding windy roads

  1. Never fight the wind. You can never be stronger than mother nature, so don’t you dare
  2. Tie your luggage well. If you’re carrying stuff, make sure it doesn’t blow away, but more importantly, make sure it doesn’t move you like a sail moves a boat!
  3. Zip on so wind doesn’t come in. Even when it’s not too cold, a stream of fresh air into your body can make you feel discomfort.
  4. Get away from obstacles. A gale can drag you into a guardrail or a wall, so keep your distance according to the wind direction.
  5. Dance with the wind. If you are good dancer, you will manage to control the bike.

As in any other riding condition in which we are tested, the right speed is a must. If you are a bit like me, you would ride the fastest that makes you safe. However; wise riders would go a bit slower than that just in case.

See you on the Road!

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