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5K Miles Certified

Quality is Compulsory
That’s why each and every one of MotoBoar products has to go through a Brutal Quality & Durability Test

Riding is our passion, so testing our apparel is the funniest part of the job, a wonderful day at the office!

Off Road test of the MotoBoar Protective Hoo+Die

We take some time to make sure we only offer the very best. We can achieve this as we sell exclusive stuff. Being a small company not destined to mass production also helps. MotoBoar is quality, not quantity

paco naranjo

Comfort & Durability

Once a clothing line is designed, we manufacture one single prototype

Comfort & Durability is tested. This is the guarantee that you will get just what we promise. A truly functioning item

MotoBoar Lone Wolf Leather Jack first prototype

The 5K Miles Certified stamp is proof that each item has been tested in real conditions for at least 5,000 Miles. Tests performed by MotoBoar founder with the sole purpose to make it fail

Improvements are then discussed with our expert manufacturers and improved in the final production line

We focus on the details and we improve absolutely everything that is not perfect. I will never sale a product which is not good good enough for me

Paco Naranjo

5 + 5 Tests for 5K Miles Certification

Dressed for the Ride

  1. Misuse and Abuse of the apparel taking it to the limit. Sometimes… crashing
  2. On & Off Road tests
  3. Bikers reactions & opinions
  4. All types of weather conditions during the Four Seasons
  5. Multiple Motorcycles and Riding Styles

Ready for Life

  1. We use the clothing with and without protectors during the Four Seasons
  2. All types of daily situations such as work or social events
  3. Non bikers reactions & opinions
  4. Multiple laundry processes, different temperatures & soap
  5. Sun dried. Sometimes… we ‘forget’ it for days
Disclaimer: Women apparel is tested by Cristina Van Van

Only if the item passes all tests, it will become a MotoBoar collection, and the 5K Miles Certification will be at display

Beyond 5,000 Miles

As if the process were not tough enough, all our products keep a lifetime improvement process in order to Improve the Unimprovable

Facts… Talk is Cheap!

It would easy to lie, especially when all tests are performed secretly

However, you can see it ALL in our YouTube Channel in 5K Miles series

Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die tests under extreme hot weather conditions

See you on the Road!