After the Crash

We’ve crashed our bikes. Each and everyone of us. The world is in Standby… and what now?

I was one of the idiots who would make silly jokes about COVID-19, I guess there’s no surprise as that’s what I’d normally do. Ignorance is capable of many things, and we could not really grasp the dimensions of this crisis. I’m sure we can all have a clearer perspective of the issue now.

I hope you’re all fine. I know there’s many of you who’re not. Too much suffering and death. Too many broken dreams. Blind to an unknown fate. Time to survive.

There are connections between this crap and a motorcycle crash. You get hurt. You can die. You can end up real screwed in a lifetime misery. But no matter how we end up, we will always try to go back on our feet.

I’ve been home healing my wounds, nervous after having seen the Death so close. Getting back on the saddle seems tragic, an oxymoron. You know what you want, but there’s fear. We always come back to riding these roads though.

MotoBoar is close… but not for long

This is a hibernation, just to make sure we can come back under better circumstances. Our dreams are broken, so are yours. But we know we will soon be back.

We’ll be back on the roads as soon as possible. We will re-start production once again, the online store will be available soon, we will keep making videos and we will live according to the best Motorcycle Philosophy

Moto Lovin’ People

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