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Brothers in Arms

Don’t Bro Me if you don’t Know Me!

Do you ride alone or with other riders? Motorcycle world has always been about friendship and the brotherhood. You literally trust your life to the ones you’re sharing the road with.

An unknown rider can act strangely in a hazardous situation. Your soulmate will react the way you expected. It is a bit like a rock band playing together for years. Everyone know who has fucked up, and how the rest will go on.

Always keep an eye on your fellow riders, try to keep a distance so you don’t hit each other and do not make stupid things. I always keep my drifting and my extreme cornering when I will not fuck up anyone else’s day.

Is you group a bunch of motherfuckers?

I mostly ride alone, but I often meet other guys. Most of them safe riders, but I sometimes meet with the bunch of crazy motherfuckers who would perform the most extreme and stupid things from time to time…

That can be fun, but everyone is responsible for him or herself. If you don’t feel up to it, do not join motherfuckers. If you do, try not to ride faster than your angel can fly.

See you on the road!

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