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Dream On

When I was a little kid I always dreamt of motorcycles. It was me riding a Harley Davidson over long distances or over the dirt on a Puch Condor. But it was always motorcycles.

The Boy Who Dreamt of Motorcycles

I used to get mad at people riding bikes, because it was not me. I used to cry out loud when I didn’t get one for Christmas and I used to sit on my dad’s parked Vespa pretending I was riding it.

Nothing ever stopped me from dreaming I was riding away from my own existence and getting into the unknown. Dreaming is always the first step of living.

Dreaming is always the first step of living

Paco Naranjo

A flashback from the Triumph Speedmaster

I am about to turn my odometer to zero once again. That would mean 100.000 km of pure joy. I can now say that persistence paid off. I have had a few motorcycles in my life. I currently have two even though I never tide the Kawasaki.

But the lesson here is that no matter how dark the clouds are, you always have to keep riding to your dreams. You always have to keep going for what you want.

Fuck the law of attraction, the only thing you attract is what you fight for. And there are new dreams to make true, through work and perseverance. I am now living my dreams and there are plenty more to come.

I funded a motorcycle apparel company, MotoBoar, and riding the world wearing my own gear makes me real happy. No matter how many times I’ve been broke or how many times I will be again. The only that matters is to keep going and get a new start everytime.

Don’t forget to follow your instincts and fight for your right.

See you on the roads!

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