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First Love

It is Saint Valentine’s Day and everybody is talking about love and celebrating their romances. Not much forme, but fair enough for whoever wants to go that way.

What you cannot deny is that all bikers met our first loves when we owned -or rode- our first motorcycle. The feeling is great, butterflies in the stomach and a perpetual smile.

Looking back at that time now it can be a bit funny how much we loved that good old mini bike or how small the engine was… but I guess that’s all part of life itself. We fall in love with the utopic memories.

Back in the day it was like a good bike, however, it was too small compared with others. I remember my own 59cc off road bike. It was superb, something out of the extraordinary for me.

Then I rode with a very good friend of mine who got an 80cc enduro bike and that was it, I understood my bike’s limitations. But I still loved it!

I guess this is just like when you are hit by reality after a wonderful romance. People can still be wonderful, but fart in bed or do annoying things. Life is complicated.

I could not help but writing about love today, as by mere coincidence our post Thursday was in Saint Valentine’s Day, but putting it the other way round makes more sense for us. Romance belongs to your private life. This is all about riding!

Anyway, if you’re married, why don’t you change the typical flowers for a Tee?

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