I don’t believe a word

I’m going to use the lyrics of a song as an inspiration for this post… a song that can’t be more realistic about the current times

Lemmy Fucking Kilmister, Motörhead’s alma mater wrote ‘I don’t believe a word‘ for Overnight Sensation album. A song that clearly shows how the big mouth politicians would promise you a million things just before screw you up

And I totally agree with the lyrics the maestro wrote, and I’d like to expand the reach of his words to an even bigger audience. We get more and more posers on the internet these days telling big lies

People who do not need to work, whose only existence consists on living the high life in Bahamas taking selfies from a yacht for Instagram. I don’t believe a word

Some of them might have become a millionaire on the web, some others would have inherited a fortune… so some of them are probably real. The majority, a bunch of idiots who try to scam the whole world claiming they live the life they dream

I break my ass daily to get a decent income and so I can afford to ride
My online business is more a dream than a successful business
My income is mostly due to other activity, and I lose money in many operations… I am finally just another guy trying to work on something I find remarkable

But I won’t make you believe I am better than you. I am who I am. If you like me, fuck off. If you don’t like me, fuck off

See you on the road!

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