The world is huge compared to us. We, tiny little humans, are big at heart though. Grow better when facing the neverending seas despite being a cute little thing

No matter if it’s the long haul or the thrill of speed, bikers will always ride immense landscapes where oceans of trees, rocky formations or dramatic coastals paths are the main attractions

One simply gets addicted to that. It becomes who you are. You transform into a gasoline drinking monster on a motorcycle devouring miles of roads most people would rather avoid

Your helmet knows your deeper thoughts and worries. You atone your sins alone with your inner self riding a two-wheeler. No words can describe it, you have to be there alone and face your fate

That’s why a motorbike is a dream machine. It is also part of the landscape. It is a gate to something bigger than ourselves. It is funny that something devised by us becomes such a guidance. But that’s what it is

But only the chosen ones can fully grasp its importance. The rest would only hear noise and see danger. Not my fault they bet their deaths on a hospital bed when dying on the roads makes you live a much more plentiful life. Let them be. I don’t give a fuck

Danger is our flag, the thrill we seek in every corner… Not because we want to die, but because we want to live

As seen in Madrid, 2021

People who don’t ride will never understand. It’s not their fault. They’d surely know better in their fields. It’s hard for non riders to truly accept a lifestyle that seems like a death sentence for them…

…and many of us die daily. But motorcycles are life, not death. Death will betray you when least expected. Life is something you have to make happen. It is not enough just to have a beating heart

And one day, we will become one with that landscape we can’t help riding. We’ll whisper in the ears of bikers encouraging them to ride faster, better, to live and love fully!

See you on the road!