Motorcycle Movies

Cinema can make us live other lives while sitting comfortably, and have films really made us feel like riding

Here’s a small collection, not the best, not all of them… just a few of them which in a way or another showed us the lifestyle on two wheels

Presenting the Fat Boy with Arnorld all dressed in leather, shooting and being shot was a blast!

John Connor fleeing on a pitbike while being rescued by the Terminator protecting him from the liquid metal Villain was just impressive

Speed and adrenaline all around. Not much to add really, anyone who considers himself a biker would feel like this is a great movie


Radical change here, as we are now talking about an anime. With the usual dose of superheroes, superpowers and super shit… this ’88 movie has a remarkable motorcycle scene

As it is animation, there are things that can only happen in cartoons… I’ll give you that. However; the motorcycle scene is amazing and quite realistic (for cinema standards)

Two rival gangs fight on motorcycles in the streets on Neo Tokio. You may want to kill or die riding after watching this. Simply brutal

El Puente (the bank holiday)

A Spanish road movie, funny and historical these days. I don’t know if there’s a version of this in English or in any other language, perhaps you can find it with subtitles

Riding a Montesa, the archetypical Iberian Macho of the time tries to ride from Madrid to the Costa del Sol. Old roads, lots of traffic and crazy adventures

But surprisingly, this film is all what a motorcycle movie should be. It shows the lifestyle and there’s plenty of riding throught the entire film. If you like Spanish bikes, this is a very nice movie to watch

The Wild One

Marlon Brando leading a motorcycle gang riding a Triumph and terrorizing the small town of Holister. What can go wrong?

Based on true events that created the 1%ers, it is a fantastic film which has aged quite well

Pulp Fiction

It’s not a motorcycle baby, it’s a chopper


So true, a chopper is a chopper. A boxer scaping from a certain death steals this beauty

I know Pulp Fiction is not a motorcycle movie, but this scene, the meaning of it and what it involved to the motorcycle world is so remarkable, that it had to be here

It’s all about the attitude

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

As a film I’d say it’s not the best, but talking about motorcycle scenes and biker’s lifestyle it’s a jewel

Following the last film in this post, they built a chopper for the movie which was simply amazing and all of us wanted to ride

Road to Paloma

Even Aquaman enjoys riding!

Based on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid western, we can get a clear view of the utopic bikers and lifestyle in the US

Great scenes, sexy tough guys and fearless riders

Riding High

British star Eddie Kidd makes this kind of biopic about himself. Riding crazy a Yamaha XT making impossible stunts and challenging an Evel Knievel inspired character

Teenage movie which motivated a whole new generation of british bikers, but remenber:

Do not try any of the stunts!

Wild Hogs

Mocking the stereotype always works, specially if done well and with respect. A comedy that will surely make you laugh

Even though it’s something we’ve seen a million times, it still works. A comedy for bikers, by bikers, that can be enjoyed by all the family

Easy Rider

Because of the soundtrack, actors, prizes, repercussion, when it was made, the success… It had to be here

This is surely the most well known motorcycle movie of all times. A milestone. And still, you may not like it. It is a bit psychodellic, somehow slow for today standards too. However, there’s a lot of talent balancing the lack of money

And come on! we’ve all sung the Born to Be Wild anthem while riding

If Motorcycle Movies is a genre, it wouldn’t be the same without this film. A masterpiece. A must watch

More philosophical that you may expect if you only watch the trailer, it explores the fear that society has towards bikers feeling free. It may not resound so much now-a-days, at least in the western world. But still, a powerful message

In addition to that, it was the inspiration of many bike builders around the world and probably the most famous chopper of all times