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When you are long haul maniac, resting is essential, especially if like me you’re in the northern hemisphere right now, which is boiling hot!

Water, light food and plenty of rest are the rider’s gasoline!

I am a maniac when it comes to riding long distance. I challenge myself and always want to put things forwards a bit more. But always remember security is a must.

On a bike you can spend some time without eating, even without drinking -if it’s not too hot- but you should always stop for a nap when you are tired.

It is the ultimate freedom sensation. Stop by the side of the road, lay your leather on the floor and get a ten minute nap. There won’t be need of any more probably. You’ll wake up refreshed and fully restored in just a few minutes.

Ready to Gazzzz

Looking up the sky, feeling great and looking up the sky where the clouds form figures that help you imagine magical figures. Yeah! It can get this childish…

And you will soon feel recover and full of energy after having had your dose of nature and rest. Ready to go!

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