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Northern Iberia

Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die

Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die by MotoBoar
Kevlar®, anti impact protectors, light, flexible and badass… Comfort – Protection – Cool

Iberian Peninsula is basically a continent in miniature. Great variety of landscapes, cultures and climates make this land one of the best spots in the world for motorcycle riding

So every time I got the chance, I simply get away. We’re used to hearing about the Route 66 or the Alps, but we tend to forget the paradise we have around us

This time it was all about a brutal 5K-Miles test to one of our classics, the Old Skull Protective Hoo+Die. This motorcycle jacket has performed more than 5,000 miles already, but it was about extreme heat weather conditions this time

Ergonomy is key for any type of riding, and this one is simply fantastic. Probably the best we’ve achieved so far comfortwise. It allows total freedom of movement and weights less than a kilo in full armour

As it is made of cotton it is warm when worn underneath and it allows airflow when worn on top. It’s been tested on the highest temperatures of summer and it passed the test easily, but let’s be honest here, 40º Celsius mean you are a bit fucked up even when riding naked

Partially unzipped, it allows airflow even better and here’s a piece of advice many won’t like too much, but it can save you from fainting. If you wet the t-shirt below you get a wonderful sensation, and it is way better than unavoidable sweat

Once you’re off the bike, you would be wearing a versatile piece of clothing you already have in your wardrobe. A casual sweater which is very comfortable and goes well in any informal environment no matter your age

The Route

As you might recall, it was a long haul summer, The Road series episode 3 left me in central Peninsula. I then rode north to Galicia where I was about to meet a very good friend of mine. Infinite landscapes and great roads
Si recordáis fue un verano de muchos kilómetros, y siguiendo el canal de YouTube la ruta iba por aquí. De norte a sur por la península ibérica hasta llegar a Galicia donde me esperaba un buen amigo. Una infinidad de paisajes y carreteras espectaculares

A part of the route is Here

I was bitten by a bee on my way, which you can spot on my shoulder in the video while I’m riding through the meadows full of cows between moutain forests

I also made my share of woodcutting to earn my accomodation, not just riding Galicia and Asturias. In addition I had plenty of cold beer and total freedom. What are you waiting for to start your motorcycle?

See you on the Road!