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One life, I’m gonna live it up!

We all know why we ride motorcycles and why we want to live a life full of experiences and full of life… But shit happens

I don’t think motorcycles are dangerous vehicles by definition. I like to say that they are lethal in the event of an accident, but very safe when ridden properly

If you crash, you can get to know how much the reparations would cost, but how much would it cost to repair your body? We don’t want to end as skinny as the guy in the picture, even if we totally destroy our ride.

And we get to a problem here, being protected is uncomfortable and not too convenient sometimes. We all wear our leathers when riding the twisty roads with friends ‘cause we know we’re gonna race a bit and we’re gonna have fun.

We wear full body protection when into the race track and when we are in the long haul… but what about the casual ride?

MotoBoar presents the unique Hoo+Dies collection to preserve your body while you enjoy your mind

Inspired by nature, worn by humans, designed by badass BIKERS

We know most injuries and death happen while urban rides, when we are the  most distracted and the most vulnerable as we are not always wearing the proper gear

And We are fed up of so many crosses next to the road gutters where some brother or sister passed away

So we are determined to give something back to the world and try to protect you while wearing casual and feeling comfortable with our Hoo+Die collections

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15th September World Presentation

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