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Have you ever thought of motorcycles as a sexual weapon?

Puede ser una imagen de una o varias personas y texto

We have definitely heard it before, motorcycles are good for chatting up. It’s common knowledge which, has its drawbacks I guess. If you’re a guy and you want to impress a biker lady, then it could helpful.

No need to say that if you try to impress a woman who doesn’t like motorcycles at all, you might find it a bit harder. But there’s no deny there is an attraction to the motorcycle world. Tough people who risk their lives on two wheels.

Chopper Girl, Japan | Motorcycle girl, Motorcycle, Bobber motorcycle

It feels like the tough biker stereotype still works

It could be a bit more obvious for men. A woman dressed in leathers and riding a powerful machine it’s an image we can hardly resist. Especially if you are a biker yourself.

Orgasms on a motorcycle

What’s not so obvious is how some women (I never heard about guys) literally cum when riding a motorcycle. The vibration, the adrenaline, the power…

Pin on #RK Sex & Horsepower

Not long ago, a friend of mine and I met for a stroll through mountain roads on my Triumph. Everything was cool, and she then asked me for higher speed.

Speeding and cornering I was riding the bike faster when I felf her knees pressing against my thighs. She later told me she was having an orgasm while coming down the curves… Wow! What a fucking cool thing!

She literally came twice (her own words) and she could not define properly what the hell happened, just that she had a great time, isn’t that cool?

It looks like profiles with motorcycles work better on dating apps, at least for some. But remember that sex or love is a natural thing and you do not need to add anything up. You don’t even need your clothes for that!

But we all know the flirting, chatting up and showing off. Dressed to kill or to be chased… and when it comes to that it may be that motorcycles are the perfect item

We see it daily, sex sells

Lady Old Skull Tee

And I’m not talking about using women as a sexual object. I am talking about seducing, to be attractive no matter whether you are a man or a woman or whatever are your sexual preferences.

But a sexy image will always catch out attention more easily. Ugly people we still have an issue maybe, or maybe not. We need to achieve the best of ourselves and get to the world the same way.

But regarding motorcycles as sexual devices…

Attitude is your best weapon…

If I’ve learnt anything after all these years of affairs, romances, problems, break ups and break downs… is that your attitude determines the way you face whatever you may find in life.

And bikers are full of attitude! It can simply be we represent the quintessential dream of total freedom

Road warriors who ride these wide world on noisy machines, no matter risking their lives a bit and facing bravely problems

That’s the real attraction to a motorcycle lifestyle against a world more controlled and closed in being competitive

Fuck The World! I’m going for a ride…

See You On The Road!

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