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Protective Pants

We stick to the old blue jeans

It was a matter of time only that MotoBoar would launch a whole new line-up of Kevlar® fully armoured pants which would look exactly like your regular jeans on the outside, with the full MBR protection in the inside.

The pants will exceed the protection given by our competitors as they will include 100% Kevlar® protection. Unlike other fabricators who will only install a patch of Kevlar® in the Knees and hips.

In MotoBoar we always go for the Full Monty

We will also do our best in order to fulfil your economic expectations and release them with a popular price. We will definitely beat our competitors in price with this item.


We still have to wait for them to in our stores as the final modifications are being carried out. As usual, it will be a period of 5,000 miles ride before we get to sell them. We want to make sure it is good enough for you, and we can only know that it they’re good for us.

You can see how the process was for the Hoo+Dies in our 5-K Miles Series.

New routes for the new clothing

Some amazing routes are now being prepared, and we will hopefully have a great September ride this year so you will have the change the enjoy brand new videos soon.

Reserve yours now

Some lucky customers have already requested some units of unfinished pants. Once they’re on sale everyone will be able to order them at the same price, but would you like to order them now? Let us know and you won’t only be one of the first riders wearing them, but you’ll get a great discount.

Send us an email to: info@motoboar.com and let us know your interest!

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