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When you’ve touched bottom, there’s only a way up

I don’t know any person who hasn’t experienced a low in life so hard that it felt it could be the end. Some fall into depression, others drink, and I feel like I can do both and a million more things.

Luckily there’s something we can cling on to get our heads out of the mud. We bikers ride motorcycles, and makes us feel alive. Even if we cannot own one, we can always linger in the memories or in the feeling of getting one. Motorcycles are happiness machines.

I took this picture you can find on my Instagram on the side of a road. I was meant to do that, I had a plane to catch later on in the day and lots of crazy plans to do. More mistakes than achievements, but at least I finally turned the counter to zero once again.

I envisioned myself flying on a crashing plane thinking I didn’t make my Triumph go for the 100,000 km which were just round the corner. So I put on my gear and rode nowhere just to make it happen. Planes can crash at any moment, but I had to have that achievement for the second time.

My Kawasaki Vulcan EN500 was also forced to ride me for that long, however that was easier, as I bought it second hand with a bit of mileage on. The Speedmaster has only been ridden by me. It was my ass sitting on it at every moment. And it turned to zero once again.

It is not a new bike, I know that, but it has a new beginning. So have I. Life has its turmoil and shit, and I ended up with a solo seat on the motorcycle once again. Drinking whiskey at nights helped me out, but there’s no contemplative anymore, now it has to be action. A brand new start!

When things happen to you and to somebody else at the same time, it feels like you’re not alone. It feels comforting in a way. We are born alone and we will die alone too, but company is appreciated. I had noone to share this with brand new start but my old Triumph Speedmaster, and what a sidekick!

So this brand new start will take me to new places, I will meet new people and I will fuck up somewhere and somebody else-…

so what?

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