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Sell that bloody bike and get a car

Against the general opinion, motorcycles are not dangerous vehicles

If ridden properly it’s quite a safe one as it’s so agile you can easily avoid most road problems. The issue is that in case of a crash, a  motorcycle is very likely to be fatal

The first motorcycle in town was my granddad’s, not that he bought it, but the police force was provided with two super powerful 250cc bikes for their best officers. Back in the day most people walked or rode donkeys so a quarter of a litre bike was a bullet.

Years passed by, and when I bought my first big bike, and old Kawasaki 500cc, grandad was clear.

Why would you need that? Sell that bloody bike and get a car

I didn’t quite get what he meant, It’s actually taken me years to understand. His fellow rider on the twin motorcycle suffered a heart attack on the saddle, fell off the bike and died, maybe because of the crash, or maybe because of a broken heart, who knows…

The point is that a real true biker would not try to encourage anyone else to ride, it’s too much responsibility, a rider must have it in his heart and motorcycles must be a rider’s only religion.

All of the rest is just posers, motorcyclists who ride bikes for fun, because it’s trendy or convenient. The worst part of riding can be the funerals, and feeling responsible for that is not a good thing.

But motorcycles are all about celebrating life, and not death. We live a full life when we are on two wheels, and we know we must be cautious and protect ourselves, but we must also have as much fun as we can.

Live faster, Ride faster, Enjoy faster… and die later my friends!

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