That feeling…

I could not explain it with plain words… but it happens to me since I was a child. It’s the feeling that something very good is about to happen and I can’t wait for it

That’s how we all feel when we know there’s a big riding day ahead

Because let’s be honest, motorcycles are pricey, risky, a misfit and they get you speed tickets. That’s why only the ones of us who are still hooked keep going

It’s a kind of drug that prevents us from thinking. We turn our brains off, we are not always aware of the consequences, but we live our lives to the fullest

In the vast motorcycle world I have had the chance to meet criminals and killers, labourers and philanthropists, whores and demure women, ultra machos and sissys… but we all have something in common: That Feeling

That sensation is beyond the reach of words. Only a motorcycle rider understands my words, and it is not due to the fact that language works its way through, but because of one having lived these infinite moments sitting on an engine

See You on the Road!

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