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The Call Of The Wild

Living Wild and Fast!

Adventures bikes are made for adventure, they’re not meant to be ridden on the streets and kept clean for years…

I had the chance of riding the new Africa Twin not long ago, and I went straight away for the dirt.

It was also a part of the 5K-Miles project, which basically consists on riding MotoBoar protective gear for at least 5,000 miles as a quality test.

The good news is I really wanted to test the protective apparel on a different bike, so when I sat on the higher saddle it simply felt fantastic.

The Protective Hoo+Die being tested right now offers full abrasion and impact protection, but that’s nothing too good anyway as anyone can offer the same thing.

However; Protective Hoo+Die, soon to be launched, offers the highest comfort while riding, which is something that also helps you keep safe as there’s no discomfort and you only have to enjoy the ride.

The Honda Africa Twin

If there was a bike we were willing to test was definitely the Africa Twin. An Adventure Bike which promises some mild features compared to competitors. It’s not a huge bunch of horses like the KTMs or the Ducatis, it’s not super heavy like the Beemie and it is not as small as a 800cc range, so that makes the bike quite unique.

On its favour I’d say it is probably the best bike to go around the world, not too fast, not too slow, not too big, not too small… not too anything!

If there’s a drawback for me it’s the 21» front tyre, I didn’t quite get used to it plentifully. It works fine, despite some inertia when changing direction at higher speeds. But that’s talking about roads, off road it’s simply superb.

Once on the dirt it was the handle bar what I found harder as it is -at least for me- too low. Nothing that cannot be mended easily anyway.

Great looking bike, great sound and Honda’s reliability makes this an amazing ride to own. Combine it with our clothing and you’ll be simply astonishing.

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