The Great Escape

Why do you want to run away? What is it that makes you want to leave this place and hit the road?

Escaping is not the answer. You won’t solve your problems if you flee… you will surely find new ones. Staying does not make you happy either… so you really need an adventure

I am usually the sort of a solitary rider, but riding together can be great fun. So every time I have the chance I just hit the road with some friends. We’ve got great stories and miles over the years

A Group of Riders, a group of Friends

So I recently had the chance to ride with more people on a long distance trip. We actually rode known roads for me, but it was a blast to be able to share the experience with these skilled riders.

The Thrill of the Speed

You cannot help it, you ride with your friends and at some moment, the group will speed up a bit. That’s why is so important to ride with people with your same level. Over exceeding your skills can be dangerous. However; riding with people who are more skilled than you will also make you a better rider.


Riding solo can be fun, but riding with friends can be a party! Get to ride with the right people and you’ll get a group of fellows who would make your day out a lovely experience.

If you have problems

You don’t want to get in trouble, but if you do, you’d rather have someone next to you to take you to a Gas St. or just to talk to while waiting for help. Never underestimate the power of friendship.

See you on the Road!