The Learning Process

You will never stop learning, that’s for sure. Some people stop trying new things and they get stuck though

Some six months ago I bought this Yamaha XT600E with the sole intention of riding it through the deserts in Africa. Silly me I simply thought being so experienced I would easily take over the bike and start dirt riding… Blimey!

Since then I have ridden it in all sorts of roads, on and off, muddy or dusty, easy or hard… and I have fallen down five times so far. I’ve always stood up again and got on and on

I can now say that I am still a bloody beginner who is now capable of riding a bit on the dirt, and the other day was a day I would never forget

If there was something I had ever wanted to achieve was jumping… and all of a sudden and when least expected, the bike just took off on a bump!

As you are earning confidence on the dirt, you move the bike around with much more security. No need to say you can perform things correctly and you position yourself the right way to let the bike do its work more effectively

After a lot of training on my own, I also joined my fellow rider and good friend for some proper instructing on the matter. He is a professional rider and we are making something cool together for our audiences, but everything at its own time

The thing is that training with him, I got to do my most beloved trick, and I guess this is the very first of many jumps to come

And wearing the MotoBoar Protective Hoo+Die with the full body armour off road was another blast! I’m sure you will love it on enduro bikes if you tried it too

See you on the Road!