English, Protective

The Lone Wolf

Nothing triggers our primordial fears more than danger… Facing the Big Bad Wolf

Because they are deadly, efficient and cunning killers when they have to. Although cuddly beasts when necessary

Isolated from the merciless weather at your surroundings. Protected if things go wrong. Comfortable when riding normally. The best look on two wheels

Cowhide Leather

Our leathers are the smoothest ones out there. Making you feel comfortable as this jacket is light, flexible and it fits like a glove

But leather is the toughest material, exactly what you want if things go wrong

Killer Look

The perfect combination between a technical motorcycle jacket and a leather jacket you would wear as a daily piece or during special occasions

You can hardly find something that looks so badass and elegant at the same time. It is the skin of your mood whatsoever

Just like the Harleys Davidsons, ridden by outlaws and by the police forces who chase them. A unique combination which will allow you to be whoever you truly are

Lone Wolf Jack