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The Rear Mirror

Mirror mirror on the handlebar…

You basically ride facing forward. You sometimes have to look back to know where you came from!

I am going to tell you the story of how I decided to embark myself on this krazy journey we now know as MotoBoar. I wanted to protect people. That was my aim, and still is.

My granddad rode the first motorcycle in town, together with his fellow police colleague. He crashed, my granddad survived. I used to ride with my best buddy here and there. He crashed, I survived. No reasons. Just happened.

You can find a lot of protective apparel out there. We make the ones you would wear when you would not wear body armour. As we all dress up for the racing track or for the long haul.

But do you protect your body when riding just round the corner? When feeling like casual wear? You should. The crash can be even harder when riding relaxed. Death is just round the corner.

Nothing will stop the cold lady from taking us to hell one day. You and I will also cross the river. We simply try to postpone it. Just that.

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