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The Technical Hoo+Die

Over the last few years we’ve been working our hardest with the only purpose to create something new and unique.

A twist in the way motorcycle protection exist today. The Technical Hoo+Die Project is now a reality.

But what is a Technical Hoo+Die?

Using top end technology and materials and hiring the very best professional group of individuals, we developed the ultimate motorcycle gear. A simple Hoo+Die including Dupont Kevlar® anti abrasion linen together with technical EU approved anti impact protectors on shoulders, back and elbows.

This is your usual cordura jacket on the inside, with a much better look on the outside… not to mention it’s much lighter!

It was real hard work, a never-ending process of trial and error, of doing things right, but the Hoo+Die is now a reality. Those lucky enough to have tried it are incredibly happy with it.

Despite the huge amount of hard work, we can actually say it was worth it. Sleepless nights and stress really paid off once we could hold the Hoo+Die in our hands we knew we were on the right path. The beauty path really!

But one can never know if motorcycle apparel really works until it is ridden, and that’s what’s all about in MotoBoar; riding to the end of the world!

Each particular item on MotoBoar is at least tested on 5-K Miles of real roads. We’re not talking about closed tracks or artificial conditions. We mean the same roads and weather you will find out there in the real world.

Because MotoBoar is a company run by riders. We spend more time riding than in the office and we simply create the products we think should be in the market. We can say we manufacture for ourselves and we then share it with the rest of the world.

We really have fun in the process, as we actually get all our passion and dreams on each item we develop, and developing means riding!

The wonders this huge world has to offer are better if discovered from a motorcycle. Wearing something comfortable would make you feel free while you explore the best roads on Earth.

Getting lost was never this fun before. Only for Moto Lovin’ People

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