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Unknown Roads

Who wrote the maps that take the ugliest roads? The most efficient way of flying over mountains and glens in a straight line instead of dancing with the curves of the Earth.

What do they know about enjoying the immensity of the landscape, about the joy of feeling part of the world. About getting lost…

The world follows a lead. There’s always someone telling how or where or when. Even at the groups of individuals with the wildest spirits: bikers. But that does not mean we’re all the same. Some just take the lone and unknown roads, simply to get lost.

What brings back many good memories about no destination rides in which I simply took the turn my heart told me. The sentence is kind of a cliche for me now, but it’s just the way it is.

Mind can sometimes play tricks and feelings make you long or miss something. Riding is always the best cure, as also bourbon, sex or rock and roll. I don’t seem to find comfort doing other things though. Maybe the sea.

It might be that I’m getting old, but there are too many funerals and bad shit in my mind as to not feeling down sometimes. The truth is I have nothing to worry about, and neither do you. We will all die naked and without any properties, exactly the same way as we were born. But we like to think we can live differently.

So my friend, if there’s any noise inside your head you cannot silence, just ride to the unknown roads of the world and get yourself lost in the middle of nowhere; you’ll surely find yourself.

See you on the Roads!

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