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We will survive

It’s probably been too long without any news or posts in this website. However; our social media kept giving us unforgettable moments… COVID-19 harmed us badly, but it hasn’t killed us yet

It is in our plans to keep riding for the neverending roads of this world, keep making high quality clothing that means the whole world to us, and keep spreading the philosophy of the two wheelz all over the world as the only way to live

We’re now testing new prototypes, making more and more tests and designs and basically solving issues. Out store is closed to sales, with a sad catalogue mode on. Governments, taxes, bureaucracy and shit made us close, but it is not a farewell, it’s a simple halt in our way… because I can guarantee that the Krazy Pig will soon ride again!

Meanwhile, if there’s anything we might be able to do for you, do not hesitate to give us a shout on the usual contact ways, we promise we’ll do our very best to assist you


See you on the Road

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