When We Were Kings

Born and raised in a shitty village, with few financial resourses and having to see the luxury passing by your face, you may feel a bit overwhelmed

Being a 80’s & 90’s kid in Costa del Sol was a bit frustrating. Everything was developing, but we used to live in rural, working and fishermen areas. Still bound to dictator’s Spain and poverty more than anything else. Clean and polite, as our mums said, but getting the feeling that we no longer belonged to our homeland

Not much to do in our free time. We had the beach, for sure. Nobody would take that from us. Well, our parents at times may ban us from leaving home, but we always found a way out

But one day, or better said during a period of time, in a slow process, the old mopeds collecting dust in chicken houses came back to life. We were allowed to restore our grandparents’ bikes. We were allowed or we simply took them, or rode like bitches

But we were riding!

Cleaning carburatores, paint, some stolen parts… and without even noticing it we were a gang on wheels. Not many of us would speed faster than 45 km/h until we found out we could install bigger displacement cylinders

About fifteen strong, rascals, devils on two wheels making everybody around us panic. The only problem were cops, but they used to spend more time in Marbella and wealthier areas anyway

Any time we encountered them was simply because they wanted to get away from the job. They stopped by the fields to drink beer and smoke. They looked at us with a defiance expression, but I believe they were trying not to show a smile

And we felt like kings. Tourists would look at us in a weird way, locals even worse

From time to time someone would approach us and offer us to take another moped. They gave away those ones they had in their garages

We were doing a favour to them taking the rubbish out. But they made us dream and enjoy as never before. That was the day, flirting with tourist girls from Madrid, sneaking in Irish pubs to drink Guinness and fighting the kids from neighbouring towns when I understood something. I would always be a Biker

Now-a-days; all that seems like a different life. But I remember it so vividly as when it happened. I’ve changed my ride, I’ve changed myself and everything around me has changed too. But that feeling when you believe the fucking master on two wheels it’s still the same

That’s why I decided to make a clothing line so easy-going and without worries, just like those good old days. But at the same time, able to dress up the grown man I currently am

I just wanted something to bring back that bloody bastard kid who is still inside me

I don’t know your story. But I know you feel the same when you open the throttle and get away from daily life