Wild Nature

We are part and inspired by Nature. That’s who we are

That’s why our collections have an animal spirit, the power and instinct of wild beasts. These are our present and future banners

Which animal represents your spirit?

The Wild Boar

There is a simple reason for this animal to be the essence of our philosophy. Wild Boars are infamous, they’re hard to kill, they have plenty of enemies they do not fear and they won’t retaliate unless annoyed… but if they get angry, you’d better run!

The Lone Wolf

Wolves live in packs, but they do not fear being alone. Armed with an extraordinary body they are the purest essence of terror. The most fearsome creature of our childhood. The Devil of the Forest…

The Buffalo

Huge, heavy, powerful, quiet and willing to move long distances without a problem. A muscle wall with horns you don’t want to crash into. A Gentle Giant

The Old Skull

Every living creature is doomed to die. But they will always leave a print, the spirit of the forest represented by the forgotten bones. Our ancestors worshipped their spirits wearing their skulls

Moto Lovin’ People

See you on the Road

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