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10 Different Uses the MotoBoar Shirt

If you still don’t know how to use our SlumberJack shirt, read these 10 crazy ideas!

1. Be attractive

According to statistics, Tinder profiles including a motorcycle picture are more successful. You can’t deny the bike helps, but it’s all about the entire look

With this shirt you will get the perfect touch both while riding and when you get off the bike. The rest is due to your personal charm 🙂

2. Be protected

I already know you’re a biker who’s mostly in control. You don’t easily fall down. You have loads of experience… until that very day you step on a dog poop while parking

The slippery substance will make you fall, you might get covered in shit and lying on the floor. More painful in your own self esteem than in your body. Our Aramid armoured shirt will help you out

However; we won’t be able to support you psichologically

3. Don’t be bothered by warm or cold temperatures

You get a remarkable motorcycle jacket, and when it’s warm summer weather you start sweating just by having a look at it

If you’re wearing summer apparel, you’ll freeze in winter. Why don’t you wear a regular shirt wich keeps you fresh in summer and that combines with your coat during winter time?

Protection is underneath anyway, you will always wear your armour no matter what

4. Daily life won’t ever be the same

As it is not the same thing to go for a Sunday ride as it is your daily commute

24/7 Bikers need a second skin that can be worn while going to the office, meeting the Tinder crush, eating at your in laws’ and all while riding your motorcycle

5. Don’t go weightlifing unless you’re in the gym!

Technical apparel tend to be heavy. That’s not too comfortable, is it? It is bearable while riding at high speed in a riding position though

But what about laid back riding? Or getting on and off the bike several times? Can you hang it without breaking hangers?

We made this so light it does not really feel like a motorcycle jacket

6. Full colours and bespoke

No matter about wearing your MC vest, it would just look great enhancing your patch

Bespoke it with the pins from Ace Café, stick a patch or a dozen, Harley pins or whatever badges you like… be yourself

7. Bare chested

The stereotype of the 70’s ladies man was that with a packet of cigarretes and undone buttons showing his bush… it is cool is you want to wear it like that

Women who want to feel sexy, or simply fresh can also benefit from this feature. You can always wear a t-shirt below, it’s simply your choice with this shirt which combines with your existing wardrobe

8. The old Old School Off Road

There won’t be anything more ridiculous than a beer belly guy riding with a Repsol-Honda jacket…

Come on! You are not riding Dakar rally!

There’s the Old School, and the old Old School. The real one. I mean those guys back in the day getting anywhere on dirt roads -the only available- as if they were outlaws

If you enjoy trail riding, it could be that you have the same old problem. Clothing is too technical and taken directly from professional competition… when we only want to get to the river for a picnic or have an adventure in nature

9. Timeless

Some pieces of clothing belong to the old Old School, but still up to date. Just like your blue jeans or sunglasses

This could be rocker style, traditional, biker, suitable for the office, for your in law, for you

10. Paying the toll

You might get surprised, but paying the toll road can be a pain the ass. You have to take off your gloves, stand, get your wallet…

You will probably have to take off the glove just the same, but it would be easier to take the wallet from your chest pocket, right?

And you won’t have to sit on your cash, we can get a sore ass not only for riding the long haul!

It’s different, it’s something else, but it is 100% Biker and 100% Elegant