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Mindfulness inside a Helmet

What’s inside a helmet? Not only a head, but lots of ideas, dreams, emotions and feelings

A helmet is a very safe place, not only it protects our heads but it also provides the right amount of intimacy we all need to be left alone with our daydreaming, even when we’re in the middle of a crowd.

I’ve rarely talked to fellow riders about this, but some have told me they talk out loud, they make funny noises and many of us even sing! I think I have already sung Manowar tunes a million times while riding.

But above all the weird things we would not normally tell, there’s something which few things in life can make me feel, and that’s laughter and an immense sense of joy.

I can remember when I was riding to Switzerland and I suddenly burst in a noisy laughter, as if I was on top of the world living the adventure of a lifetime. And I actually was!

Or when I was so tired I could hardly get hold of the handlebars and I saw the storm coming to me -or me going to it- and I when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I learnt I was going to get wet… and I also started laughing like a baby.

You’re alone on the motorcycle, you’re overwhelmed by the sensations and the engine noise, the wind hits you hard on your face, and you pull the visor down and get your own private shelter.

It’s all a matter of perspective really, motorcycles can be threatening and intimidating, but once you overcome that, everything’s on wheel really.

When you’re relaxed, the sensation is amazing and it is a great mindfulness experience.

I have composed some rock songs or found the answer to some troubles while riding when the context is the right one.

Mindfulness instructions on a Motorcycle

  1. Find a solitary and beautiful road
  2. Ride slowly, like dancing over the twisties
  3. Breathe deeply and concentrate only on the road
  4. Deal with all road and traffic issues without judgement
  5. Laugh out loud

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