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5K-MILES series by MotoBoar

How can you know if something works on the motorcycle if you haven’t at least tried it for 5K Miles?

At the very beginning of 2007 we started this amazing project we called MotoBoar.

The project itself is a reflection of our own philosophy when it comes to riding motorbikes.

The designing team soon started working out our logos, our image, while our content creators made possible to spread our crazy stuff through social media, and there is obviously the engineering department.

By having a look at our website you can find our T-shirts and Hoo+Dies, but the brand is not going to be like that. Our star products are still being developed and tested.

Below that old leather jacket there’s something unique waiting to be disclosed, in the meantime it is just being tested on the most difficult of all tests, time and use.

5K Miles of real riding by a real rider. There’s no race track, professionalism or any other thing you could not replicate yourself. This is real life.

And we thought it would be a nice idea to have it all in video, so we started this 5K-Miles series on YouTube. As we feared it could get boring just watching all that distance being ridden on a video, some content was also added to it, I hope you enjoy it!

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