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Hearts and motorcycles sometimes get broken, and they have to get fixed. It’s easy to repair a motorbike if you know how, but you can always rely on somebody else to do it for you.

However, a broken heart will prove harder to fix, and you can’t replace it. But you can always make your heart feel better if you are on two wheels riding this wonderful world.

But remember not to sell your soul to the devil

Satan, Lucifer, Belphegor, Belial… it answers many names, but I like to call it T+A+S+K as that’s what’s making you waste your life Monday to Friday sitting on you shitty job looking at you shitty boss and fingers crossed to get a glimpse of the secretary bra through her shirt.

T+A+S+K is wasting your best years cooking and cleaning for a bastard who would quickly replace your for a younger woman if he actually could. T+A+S+K is studying is that bloody college day after day and not getting a dime and leave it all to future jobs you’ll get once you are a bachelor…

Get the fuck out of here! We all have to look at the devil to the eye most of the time, but never forget the fun of sex, of a very cold beer, the cheer happiness of napping on the grass under a tree or of feeling free…

’cause if you do, you’ve already sold your sold to the devil

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