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A Dream

The realm of dreams is the most mysterious one you can fall into

It is like flying on a cloud of purest white and contemplating the world below as if you were in paradise and nothing bad can happen to you from down below.

And it was way before I had even ridden a motorcycle when I dreamt I was riding one. The sensation was so vivid it just felt like I was actually doing it. Some time later, when I first rode a motorbike for the first time, I understood I got the real feeling in that dream.

How could something like that be possible?

I was somehow experienced as a pillion, but I think the source of that is another. I was still in the womb when mum used to ride as dad’s pillion on an old Montesa. Even before I was born I was getting hooked to riding.

The noise, the vibes, the feel… oh! what a great sensation!

The Other Side

I’m a grown-up now. Working made me have the chance of buying a motorcycle and ride myself. Not a pillion anymore. Just a rider. Having control of what I do makes me happier. The captain of my own life.

Animals do not pretend, they simply are who they are. That’s a close definition of what I feel when I’m riding. I simply am who I am.

Riding has the power to make me feel powerful. Untouchable. Right when I’m at my weakest and my life is at greater risk… I feel strong.

See you on the Road!

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