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BIKERS: A dying breed

All shall fall. Motorcycle world is no difference. The world has seen the Neanderthals and the Roman Empire go … and so must we. But did you know bikers as you know them are dying right now?
Yeah… basically going to hell…

It is sad, and somehow a responsibility, but the motorcycle world as we know it is coming to an end. That makes you and me the last generation of riders. And yeah, I know, nature could have come up with something better, but that’s all you get buddy

We shall be remembered, just like brave knights or ancient vikings are today. We shall be envied and worshipped. Imitated and criticised, but we are disappearing

Read the reasons why and judge by yourself

Governments against Motorcycles

It is a reality in the western world, soon to happen in the developing nations maybe. Governments don’t like bikers. We’ve never really liked them so… you get what you deserve

Smaller machines are accepted, and even implemented in order to reduce traffic congestion; but noisy bulky beasts roaring the roads are like mammoths. The giants to break

Roads are car friendly maybe, but surely not motorbike friendly. Guardrails, speed limits, police forces… they’re all against you!

Kings won’t get us off our rides alive, but will the next generations get to ride?

Go Electric

Despite the low amount of contamination that motorcycles represent in the planet, there’s a crusade against us. The e-bike is not fully developed yet. You only have to see the great disappointment of the Harley Davidson electric bike so far

They’re useless for other than city commute. I think they’re actually great at this, but they cannot offer us the freedom of the open road, the music of the engine and the thrilling vibrations of a living machine

However; they insist that we must ride them instead. Taxation, fines and an open war against our way of life prove. We are hated. We are not to be trusted

Manufacturers are facing the worst of this storm. Models that have to be taken away from the market for a ridiculous law that makes them illegal in a matter of two or three years. Forcing them to get more technological bikes which we cannot fix unless we use a super computer…

Access to riding

When I was a kid, mopeds were considered nothing else than a bicycle. A car license allowed for much riding on many smaller and middle size machines and a sole license made up for the distinguished group of Motorcycles

Now-a-days motorcycle licensing is a great deal of tests, levels, restrictions and middle weight machines that resemble big beasts but they do not roar like them. Anything to discourage the young

And still, you leave driving school and you don’t have a clue about riding.

Even more, many self named experienced riders don’t have a fucking clue either…


Bikers are full of personality. Societies want them to be copycats. They use their soldiers to interfere with the most personal issues telling you how to dress, how to ride, how to tune up your ride

I remember when being a motorcycle rider was a synonym of a mechanic. We got our hands greasy and replaced mufflers, cleaned carburettors and customised our rides anyway we wanted them to look like, as a reflection of our own personalities

Until someone decided that other than stock was a crime. We are being prosecuted for removing mudguards or sporting exhaust system of our choice, what a Brave New World


We, governments, kings and presidents of the world, decree that you, as a single stupid individual, lack the freedom to decide your own fate

Therefore we must insist that you ride safely within the norms and regulations we create for you. Should you not follow the rule, our law enforcement forces would take hold of your money, your motorcycle and mayhaps your freedom… so you don’t take away your own life

We do this in order to preserve your own security and reduce costs to the Health Systems which are paid by everyone. We do this because you are considered a stupid child who needs parenting. We do this because we can…


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