Day Dreaming

Mortgage, kids, boss, office, traffic fine, medical checkout, groceries…

I learnt it the hard way, but none of that matters when you’re dead. I had to attend far too many funerals to realise I am going to die too, and so do you. But that’s not what should worry you… it is whether you’ve lived or not

The whole world is trying to make you insane… but you can always have a solution!

So just dress up, get on your bloody motorcycle and ride. If you are reading this is probably because you are an enthusiast, a real biker, a two wheel lover or whatever shit you may call it… one way or another, just go ride

Because you spend the whole day and night thinking of riding, you want to do lots of stuff, you want to get a breath of life not just to exist, but to live. Well, do you actually do it?

The average rider would spend longer time dreaming of riding than actually doing it. We are not average in MotoBoar, or at least we spend the best quality time riding… who the hell are you?

The New Collection is on its way… are you ready to ride them?