Dressed to Ride / Ready for Life



We take protection very seriously, so we only use CE certified standards. You can see the stamp in our removable protection pads

In order to protect riders against abrassion we use Dupont™ Kevlar® in all our textiles or high resistance cowhide


Comfort is not only a matter an appropriately feeling, it is also a performance plus when riding a motorcycle

Paco Naranjo

Comfort not only will help you in sport or long distance riding. Riding comfortably will also make you enjoy any ride and allow you to focus on the road

We use sport clothing features in our designs reducing weight and adding flexibility to our textiles. When fabricating leathers, we use high flexibility cowhide to avoid stiffness so you can always move freely



Our designers are responsible of the artistic process of creating a unique piece, involving two different uses. Wearable on daily basis, and true motorcycle apparel

We rely on fashion designers with ample experience, graphic designers and a bunch of enthusiasts. Done by Bikers, for Bikers

The creative process involves a lot of people. Each individual gives a personal perspective and contributes to each new project. Priority is to create a beautiful piece of clothing that even people who don’t ride would like to wear

Our designs can be elegant, badass, casual… as many options as bikers out there!

MBR Protective Hoo+Die design sketch

Fabrication process

The production department is very experienced in the making of technical protective apparel. We only produce the very best

Production and Design departments Symbiosis

SilverBack Lady Pants Sketch

After designers have created a nice piece of clothing according to aesthetics

Production Department will create the technical structure to make it become motorcycle apparel clothing on the inside

Modifications are performed so we create an unity

Once the process is completed, we make one single item and we perform the Brutal Quality Test 5K Miles with the first prototype