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Drop by Drop

It is raining. It is the anti motorbike weather. It is simply water coming down from the sky

It’s funny how we mostly remember those days in which the storm caught us. It makes us feel better riders, more adventurous and wild. However; when it comes to leave the security of your own house with just a bit of rain, not many would dare to venture forth.

I learnt this lesson the hard way, as anything I’ve learnt, if there’s anything I’ve learnt in life so far. If you want to do something, do it. Do not wait for the planets to align and the conditions to be perfect. Simply go for it.

The chances are that you are to fail, but who cares? There’s not a bigger failure than being the coward who didn’t try. I know cemeteries are full of brave people, but are you telling me the cowards won’t pass away?

Riding in the pouring rain is not necessarily dangerous

As a rider, you have to adapt to the changing conditions you are finding on the road at every glimpse. Rain is simply another possibility. You can drift more easily, braking needs a higher degree of mastery and visibility can also get affected.

You simply have to adapt to these changing conditions and ride accordingly

  • Reduce your speed
  • Increase your focus
  • Relax the throttle
  • Brake swiftly
  • Avoid the road paint
  • Be aware of other vehicles
  • Adapt your speed to the conditions
  • Wear the proper gear

You can always crash and break your neck. But you can always do the same when it’s not raining. End of the story.

The reason why most riders won’t ride when the conditions are bad is because riding these days has become a bit more bland. More comfortable. We need ABS, heated seat and Bluetooth connection at all times.

All that is fine for me, even though I have none of it. But I will always appreciate the taste of the Old Skull

See you on the Road!

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