Nothing will get us off our bikes!

Unless the Reaper pays us a visit, as long as we are still here we will go on riding

We are involved in difficult times, inflation, gas price, combustion engines and climate change, political turmoil, war… always against the odds

And despite the whole situation, I can still see bikers riding out, enjoying and living a plentiful life… and taking some chances every now and then. This is not just something you want to do, it is a life philosophy. A way of life from cradle to the grave

As Steve McQueen used to say, ‘Racing is life, anything that happens before or after is waiting’.

BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leicestershire-41809557

So for all of us, the ones we currently are, those who were and for those who will be, we’ll see each other on the road… the rest can just continue to be oblivious