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Follow The Leader

Remember Trainspotting?

Choose a life… choose a career… choose a fucking television…

I was just a teenager when this film grabbed me by the balls and gave me something to think. I have always been emotionally attached to… losers? well maybe just the ones who go against the rules.

As the son of a copper didn’t have much to choose, just be a fucking good kid… or else daddy is going grant you for life with no TV and no going out. And what was even more of a pain in the ass, no motorcycle.

Time has passed by and I am a bit of both. Still a motherfucker who would eventually be a deviant guy, but a respectful member of society most of the time.

This is the moment in which things are going well, I’m a grown-up and all by myself kind of guy. And still government, coppers and the bloody Big Brother comes to fuck me up.

I cannot pay more fucking taxes, you are squeezing me like an orange. I cannot pay more speed tickets just because you got me by mistake. My driving license cannot be affected by everything.

You, politicians, kings and queens need to find something else to rule us all

I no longer believe in the black sheep. Always too stupid, or too controlled by someone. I believe in me. I believe in the solitary wolf riding the world for his own sake. No need your mercy. No need your pity.

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